We love the We-like girls

There’s no doubt about it, We-like Bali. Sharing our love for our island home is the creative duo behind this incredible blog, Pris and Eve. Our salty-island babes spend most of their time in the ocean, testing out new cafes, soaking up the sun, catching up with friends and exploring all the nooks and crannies of our backyard. Lucky for us, Pris and Eve are two of the most like-able girls in town and some of our besties! So, naturally, we take any chance we can to put them in some pieces and let them work their magic. Here’s a few snaps doing what the girls do best – having a good time!


Pris and Eve both wear the Kenna Bianca Maxi in Sand. Pris wears the Dune Strip Amaya Playsuit in Capri and Eve wears the Dune Stripe Bijou Top in Capri.

Photography by Glen Krohn.