On the Road

Typically, we tend to associate “Dawn Patrol’s” with hunting waves in the early hours. On our trip to California this past winter, our 3am wake up call was instead in search of fresh snow. A quick 3 hour drive from Encinitas, we were graced by the sun rising on the mountains, fresh snow fall and butterflies of excitement. Thanks Big Bear for showing us your true colours and providing us Island-bunnies with some fresh powder!

Those quintessential postcards lined with palm-trees, blue skies and sunsets that light the sky on fire are a Californian image we all know far too well. Catching the sun go down was something we tried not to miss on our travels but you know, life. Here’s some snaps from a right place, right time kind of moment at Swami’s beach in Encinitas.

Visiting San Diego, the infamous La Joya cove is not to be missed. As El Nino was gracing the shores with swell we decided to tag along to check out some surf spots nearby. Cruising our way back up the coast to Encinitas, we stopped at the infamous Blacks Beach and slipped in another sunset with some margarita’s in hand.

Oh, California. We’ll be back…

All photos: Lara Flax