Are Our Day Dreams A Shared Dream Instead?

At Beachgold, we often catch ourselves spiralling off into the abyss when in search of extra stimulation, motivation or even just simple contemplation. For some particular reason unbeknownst to us, we tend to find ourselves trailblazing the same figment of imagination.

Yes, we have indeed been practicing to cultivate the discipline of living mindfully within the present moment, resetting our old systems and patterns of abuse, as we aim to skilfully transform our reactive states into proactive initiatives. These day dreams though, we just can’t seem to shake them. They have us drifting into such a calming, soothing and inspiring space.

We are taken far far away to a secluded tropical island, surrounded by crystal clear waters, with long, white powdery sand and palm fringed beaches. It’s a place where coconuts are found on tap, and as the memories of the past and worries of the future seem to melt away, it’s hard to believe an outside world even exists. We awaken to a new day by greeting and giving thanks to the eastern sun and for all that nature effortlessly and selflessly provides.

As the day slowly unfolds we spend our mornings exploring our aquatic wonderland. Below the surface, we immerse ourselves within an intricate system of exquisitely designed lush coral gardens. We watch on as a school of rainbow runners pass by and the odd green turtle slips away, as the blue spotted stingray hides in disguise. With each dive down, we emerge again into the world with a sense of feeling enriched and electrifyingly alive, as we are again kindly reminded that we exist as a part of a seamlessly interwoven collective. A living system to be precise, where all is one and one is actually, all we ever were. Retreating from the warm, blazing sun that is now beaming brightly above, we relax in a hammock. With our favourite book in hand, we are finally able to catch up on all that is lost amongst our commonly held perceptions of never having enough time, or perhaps never even having time at all.

Beach-combing during a mid afternoon stroll, has us absorbed in the pleasures of shell collecting as small black tip reef sharks cruise through the shallows watched by sea eagles that ride the thermals high above.

By sunset, we find ourselves always coming to the same conclusion: times spent by the sea, are well and truly the best times indeed.

Do you day dream of the same ‘place’ that we do?  Is this a stock standard, generically shared, global vision for the travel enthusiast? Or are we biased, as we at Beachgold call Bali our home?

We would like to make a prediction of our fellow wanderlust jet setters… Perhaps, our day dreams are a shared dream instead?

In this particular instance, we were more than blessed to bring these words into life. And from a dream into reality and now a rich yet faint memory, these mid day dreams back in the office present the possibility to inject ourselves with our daily dose of gratitude – for the lives we live, the opportunities we are provided with and now the privileges to share them with you.