5-Minutes with Mahina

We’re so happy to have linked up with Mahina while she was on the island, with so much at her fingertips we expect to continue to see this bold & beautiful woman gracing the fashion and surf world by storm. Read below for our exclusive interview with Mahina…

Nickname: My younger Brother and Sister call me “Tt” which basically means big sister. My best friends call me “Hina.”

AKA: @mahinagarcia

Describe your job… Its kind of hard to describe being a “Model” with out sounding self centerd..The best way I can describe my job.. I get to travel around the world giving me the opportunity to meet so many different kinds of people, see many different cultures and most importantly collaborate with incredibly talented designers.

How did you get into blogging/social media? I feel Blogging and Social Media has become our bread and butter. It is a tool we use in our every day life, it helps us connect with people around the world. Social Media and Blogging is what gets our businesses and ideas flowing, it helps us become successful. When social media first hit its boom I felt like humanity was doomed, but the more it grew the more I saw what social media and blogging was actually doing good for our business and creativity.

Take us through your typical day: Currently I am enjoying the life here in Bali! A typical day looks a little something like this:

6:15am Wake up and catch the rising glory of the sun which sends warmth through its orange pink vibrance. Then I’ll hop in our infinity pool for a little morning swim!

7:30am Make some coffee for my man and I, then I crawl back in bed to check my emails then normally post a Instagram for my beautiful followers and clients.

10am Get some breakfast from “Lands in Cafe,” they have incredible smoothies and breakfast burritos if thats your kind of thing.

11:45am Hop on our mopeds to go for a surf check. Normally we will ramble down to Nyang Nyangs  but if its too big head down to Padang or Uluwatu.

12:45pm Wait around for the my man and his friends to get their surf gear ready (they take the longest). Head out for a two hour surf session followed by some shell hunting.

3pm Grab a Fresh Cold Coconut, which may I add is only $1 USD SCORE!!

4pm Head back down to the beach or a bar which ever were in the mood for, to enjoy some Bintang’s or if were feeling Frisky “Moscow Mule,” (Vodka, Ginger beer and Lime) if you haven’t had one, you must.

6pm Sunset is in full motion, rays beaming in the sky, goose bumps covers your body because its beauty is unbearable!

10pm Time for a little movie…..then before you know it I’m the passed out princess!

If you weren’t a model what would you be doing? I would be working in the field of Esthetics because I love beauty and health. Or I would be a food taster simply because I love food

Favourite travel destination? So far I would have to say Bali! Bali is just so easy, you ride around on mopeds drinking fresh coconuts and surfing all day. The people here are so loving and kind!

Who inspires you? My family inspires me the most, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, loving family. People who are true to who they really are also inspire me. Lastly people who have that respectable Aloha spirit inspire me to be the best person I can possibly be.

Career highlight? I would have to say my career highlight had to of been in Miami. I meet 50 cent, Leonardo Dicaprio, Candice Swanepole (who doesn’t love her), and many more successful people all at nonchalant dinner parties. I think at that moment I was impressed with where modeling had taken me, I also realized how small the entertainment business really is. My I also add that my highlight of my career involves all of my amazing clients, that includes you “BEACHGOLD” and “Frankie’s Life” not only do your products speak for themselves but you ladies are such beautiful people in side and out! Thank you for this amazing collaboration!

What are the 5 things you pack when you go traveling that you can’t live without?

1. Phone– Because with out my google maps I would not survive being able to get around because I don’t know how to really read a map. Also emails for castings come in consistently so you must have your phone on you at all times.

2.Bikinis-It must be the island girl in me but I always always travel with a bikini because if there is no beach their will be a pool. If I don’t get in some type of water to at least swim for a long period of time I get irritated ha ha its pretty funny.

3.Cash– You never know when or if your card will get stolen or your bank will block it for some odd reason, therefore I always have some cash with me so that if anything happens you’ll have money for food, water, taxi etc.

4.Coconut oil– you may laugh but I seriously cannot survive with out coconut oil. I use coconut oil for my face, body and hair as well as my coffee. I swear by it, rub some into your face before you go to bed at night (mainly on your under eyes, neck and cheeks, avoid forehead if you have sensitive skin) and you’ll wake up with glowing skin. If you haven’t tried it in your coffee you should! Just a little tablespoon (or less if you prefer), but beware it will make you go to the bathroom half way through your cup. I’m basically one big Coconut

5.Bible– If I am traveling for a while between hectic city’s alone its really nice for me to spiritually zen out. I find that traveling a lot can take a toll of a person physically and mentally so my bible helps keep me grounded, it brings me back to how I was raised. The bible is a power tool in my life.

Parting words of advice…. This world is hectic but this earth is beautiful! This life is wild, it almost seems limitless, its filled with billions of personality’s, views and opinions. The greatest thing you can bring to this world is your true inner self. Be kind, be loving, be patient. Have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime in your book full of experiences.

Much love and Aloha,
x Mahina Garcia