5-Minutes with Lisa-Marie

Name: Lisa-Marie Bosbach / Lieschen

AKA: Lieschen

Are you named after Elvis Preseley’s daughter Lisa-Marie? Yes, my parents read the newspaper and chose it from me.

Where is home? Wowelshirchen, a small town near Cologne, Germany.

What’s the best thing about it? It’s nice and homely and that my family lives there

How would you best describe your character? Spontaneous, always open for new things and adventures.

How do your friends describe you? Reliable and genuine friend, energetic, modest, always happy and sometimes a bit crazy

How many times have you been to Australia? Twice. Both times I extended my stay because I love it there!

Did you come specifically for modeling? Yes but I got the opportunity to travel around a bit as well, which was great!

How did you end up being in Kalbarri in North West Australia? I was lucky to meet Tim and Ed and when they invited me to come to WA, I couldn’t resist to fly over for a visit. The weather become yucky, which turned out being a blessing in disguise as Time called it – it was the reason we went up North and we have a great time!

Was North West Australia anything like you expected? Everyone told me it’s going to be awesome but I had not idea I’d have such a good time! Now I understand why everyone loves the West!

What was the biggest difference between Kalbarri and Bondi beach for you? Everything is different really. It’s a cute little place with maybe one pub (it was fun here!) in the middle of nowhere.

What did you find most intriguing about North West WA? That’s hard to decide! We saw so many amazing places, the landscape is beautiful! The distances are huge and all this untouched nature – it was amazing to see!

I bet you met some interesting characters up there. Any highlights you can share? Definitely those lovely people in the hot rocks who gave us some fresh caught fish. They had some funny stories and it was interesting watching them prepare the fish. Another personal highlight was to watch Tim and Ed stumbling their way through waist deep reeds (with all their gear) to the pink lake (which was blue). I should have filmed it!

What was your favourite thing about the North West? So many things… the beaches, all the little towns, the national park in Kalbarri and so on. I loved all the sunrises and sunsets as well.

Any recommendations for fellow travelers? I liked that we just stopped wherever we feel like, without really having a plan – everything is more exciting way! Talk to locals and they will know the best spots to go