5-Minutes with Alden 

Nickname: Lil Koala, Aldie… most my friends call me babe (we’re all on that train aren’t we?).

AKA: @aldensteimle

Describe your job… My job is more of an adventure, with crazy ups and downs, last minute trips, and no guarantee for the future. Modeling has been a whirlwind to say the least, and it has made me a much stronger and driven person than I ever thought I could be. I have to be extremely flexible in my career and therefore, flexible my daily life. It’s very hard to plan personal things, as jobs and castings tend to come up last minute. It’s taken me quite a while to surrender and let things happen as they are meant to. I do not have control over what’s happening, I only have control over my attitude towards every situation I find myself in. With that being said, having a very lose schedule is also the fun part… allowing for spontaneity and an open mind.

Where is home?  Home has recently become Los Angeles. I gave up living in North County San Diego, Encinitas, due to the commute and work mostly being in LA. This was extremely difficult for me, considering Encinitas is my dream life; small beach town, best friends cruising but also hustling, amazing flora and fauna.. a simple life within walking distance to the ocean. However, I also have a hustle side, and nows the time. I have dreams to be met and things to say, and living in Los Angeles is a good move to help me accomplish my goals.

What are your thoughts on blogging / social media? My thoughts on blogging/social media are very mixed, especially because everything is constantly changing with the craze. Social media and blogging have brought me, and no doubt many others, a plethora of amazing opportunities and experiences, which is why I think it is such a blessing and a true tool for creativity and connection. The problem with social media, is that it can easily take over anyones ego and be used for the wrong reasons. For example, trying to portray something on social media that is far from reality, can then become a burden which ends up only promoting negativity and sends the wrong message. Creating (and even viewing) content on social media can take many individuals out of actually living in the real moment, and instead have us perfecting images that may not be true to what it portrays or what we really experienced. The exciting and interesting thing about blogging and social media, is that there are still no “rules” and everyone is still constantly trying to figure out where it’s going and what’s next.. and when that will be!

Take us through your typical day: A typical day for me changes A LOT. Some days I am up at 5:30AM getting ready for work, have a long work day, go straight to the gym or yoga, have dinner, and then pass out. Another day may entail cruising to the airport and traveling an entire day to get somewhere for work the next day. My days off are spent working on my blog, shooting content, working on my project called Soul Shapers, heading to the gym or yoga, and seeing friends or my boyfriend. I love the versatility in my day to day life- keeps things interesting to say the least!

The ocean makes you feel… The ocean makes me feel alive. I feel so cleansed and rejuvenated when I go in the ocean or even just when I’m near it. I get an energy from it.. it’s a powerful thing to swim in, or look at/admire, a large body of water that flows all over the world. As many of us know, we are made up of about 60% water, and I think that’s where part of the connection comes from. I am truly grateful for the ocean and love sharing that passion with people.

If you weren’t a model what would you be doing? If I weren’t a model, I would be doing my project, Soul Shapers, full time. It’s not launched yet, so I can’t say too much.. but basically I would love to be doing something that gives back and has endless creative outlets.

What is one thing most people wouldn’t know about you? Ha. I think most people wouldn’t know that I LOVE business, and that I’m pretty techy. I also am a certified yoga instructor, although I don’t currently teach. Oh, and I used to be a full country girl with a lifted truck raising sheep and chickens.

Favourite travel destination? This is constantly changing as I travel more and more, but my current favorite spot is Joshua Tree. It has always had a special place in my heart, and it still fuels my soul. I also love that it’s a cruisy 2 hour drive! 

Who inspires you? Woah. My eyes literally just got wide and I took a deep breath, because that’s a hard question for me to answer… only because there are so so many who inspire me. In that case, I will sum it up with.. anyone who has gratitude in their life, holds a story to share, embodies ambition to make a difference, understands the importance of laughter and smiling, craves to learn, or exudes creativity, fully inspires me.

Career highlight? Too many to name them all, but off the top of my head, traveling the world is a big one. Greece, Italy, Thailand, Tahiti, Amsterdam, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Dubai, Barbados, New York, Canary Islands, and France have all captured my heart in many ways and have helped shape me to become who I am today. Being on billboards and getting a big name job can be fun, but it’s mostly about the craziness and adventure along the way and throughout each job that are the true highlights for me.

What are the 5 things you pack when you go traveling that you can’t live without?

1. Chapstick. yep.

2. Any type of wellness formula or vitamin to prevent me from getting sick; I have a pouch full of pharmacy and CVS type things, like a mini First Aid kid – super helpful!

3. Downloaded podcasts (and headphones) to listen to during travel and/or at my destination. Currently addicted to The School of Greatness podcast by Lewis Howes.

4. Warm clothing.. I’m always cold! Even in extremely hot, tropical places, there is usually some freezing situation with a blasting AC, ha!

5. Some type of camera, whether that be an iPhone or my 35mm AE-1.

Parting words of advice… Find gratitude, be grateful, or continue to be grateful. Each of us can find many things to be grateful for, as hard or small as it may seem. Many great things come from finding this genuine happiness within us, and can be extremely influential and contagious.

Don’t get caught up in the little things… it all works out in the end.

Don’t forget to be creative.

Never forget to laugh and smile.